Is your VFC clinic or Drug Storage Facility Compliant with new CDC rules - January 2018?

Beginning on January 2018 CDC is recommending that State and individual VFC program providers should use a digital data logger (DDL) and will be required to assess and record minimum and maximum temperatures at the start of each clinic day. Also these providers should use a DDL instead of a thermometer to have a stored record of the temperature.

The DeltaTrak model 40527 is fully compliant with all CDC recommendations and local state health agencies mandated regulations established for all providers that participate in the VFC program.

In addition to meeting the basic level of compliance DeltaTrak's model 40527 is calibrated down to -50C and comes with a 2 year ISO 17025 certificate of calibration performed in our own A2LA accredited test lab.

We are the preferred supplier of DDL's to many of the state health agencies and global health services providers including: Arkansas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.

If you want to be compliant and need to discuss your requirements for DDL's give us a call and we will work with you to provide the best cost effective compliant solution for your clinic or state health agency.